We`re Sophie and Annik-Tabea. We have the same passion like our mother. DOGS!

Sophie und Annik-Tabea

With 4 years we have been in the showring for the first time. When we got older, we started "Juniorhandling".


Juniorhandling is the professionell presenting of a dog in the showring. It`s a competition for children between 9 and 17 years.


We reached a lot of wins in Germany, but also in other countries.


We took our Australian Shepherds and other breeds of friends or breeders for Juniorhandling. For example Dalmation, Afghan hound, Parson Russel Terrier, Pointer, Portugese Water Dog, Spitz and so on.


Now we`re to old for Juniorhandling und at the moment we`re concrated in showing our own Australian Shepherds and/or dogs out of our kennel.


Here you can see a few wins with our own Australian Shepherds.

Annik-Tabea with "Talisman Never Change A Winning Team" 3rd Point for the German Champion in Dortmund
Annik-Tabea with "Talisman A`Coco Chanel" Best Female Lingen 2014
Sophie with "Talisman E`Pied Piper of Hamelin" Best of Breed Hannover 2012
Sophie with "Talisman Pushing Daisies" Best of Breed Junior Lingen 2014
Annik-Tabea judged the Junior-Handling at the Terrier Speciality 2014 in Celle.

Here a few pictures out of our "Juniorhandling-Time".



Sophie with a poodle
Annik-Tabea with a Magyar Viszla