We are active members in the dog sport clubs "Verein für Hundesport und Erziehung" and "HSC Weser-Dogs".



We do  Agilty with our dogs. It is a great Sport for brain and body.

From time to time you can find us on Agility tournament. For that a

Dog must have the Begleithundepruefung (BH).


We are active in Rally-Obedience with some of our dogs and participate at Competitions. Rally-O consists of a Parcour with exercises out of  Obedience, Agility and Dogdance.


In Mantrailing, the dog searches for lost persons. It is a very challenging work for the dogs, but they love it!


Showhandling is the professionell presentation of a dog in the showring.


Annik-Tabea and Sophie present our Australian Shepherds or dogs out of our kennel.




Trickdogging is work for the brain in between. You can do it everywhere without any aid.

Our dogs love it!