Our Offspring

Here you could see a selection of dogs from our former litters.

A big "Thank you" to the fantastic owners of our "puppies"! These achievements could not be possible without you!

Talisman A`Wunderkind
Talisman Kiss the Bride "Nash" will be a search and recue dog in Austria.
Talisman X`pression of Love "Party" passed the Begleithundeprüfung (Companion Dog Test) and started her Agility career. They already won the A1!
Clubjuniorwinner, Clubwinner, BISS, Europeanjuniorwinner Talisman Zuckerpuppe "Knuddel" passed the ability tet for search and rescue dogs. She is the only german (VDH) bred Aussie who won BISS at our important club show!
Multi Ch. Talisman Credit Crunch "Credit" is doing herding in Finnland.
Talisman Iron Maiden "Gini" on the cover of a danish dog magazine.
Talisman Booby Prize "Tess" is doing Flyball in the Netherlands.
Ch.Talisman A`Wunderkind "Wanda" passed the Natural Herding Instinct Test in France.
Wanda is Belgium Champion, Brüssel Winner 2011 and res Best in Show Winner!
Wanda also participated in the belgium National Frisbee competition!
Veteran Champion Talisman New Sensation "Tulip" started in the A2 and has some titles in Obedience.
CASD Junior Champion and German Champion Talisman Keep in Touch "Smiley" is BOS and BOB Winner.
NLJ Ch., NL Ch., Brüssel Junior Winner 2008, Brüssel Winner 2009, BOS Winner at the Dutch Speciality Talisman A`Escada "Summer" lives in the Netherlands.
Estonian, Lithuatian, Baltic and Lettish Champion Talisman Birds and Bees "BB" lives in Finnland.
Talisman Credit Crunch "Credit" also lives in Finnland and is International, Estonian, Finnish, Lithatian, Baltic and Lettish Champion.
Talisman Zaffiro "Zaffiro" loves doing Agility in the Netherlands!
German Champion (VDH and CASD) and Dutch Champion, CASD and VDH Vet. Ch. Talisman A`Coco Chanel "Luna".
Talisman Xaggeration "Satchmo" works as a Search and Rescue Dog!
German Ch. Talisman Kind of Magic "Kane" Bundessieger 2005, European Winner 2004 is the only german bred Aussie who won BOS at Crufts!
Talisman Jamaique Blue Mountains "Jamaique", here pictured winning Best Female, lives in France.
German Ch. Talisman Cover Girl "Girly", Bundesjugendsiegerin 1998, Europeanjuniorwinner 1999, Bundessiegerin 2001
Talisman Dear Mrs. Applebbe on the cover of a danish Dog Magazine.
Talisman Uriah Heep "Horst" loves Agility and often shows his Dog Dancing skills at events.
STDs Talisman Fishing for Compliments "Tallis" lives in Denmark.
German Ch. (VDH and CASD) Talisman Oscar the Grouch "Oscar".
Oscar loves Agility!
German Ch., CASD and VDH Veteran Ch. Talsiman Dr. Dolittle "Dodi" BH (Companion Dog Test)
Talisman One Step to Heaven "Heaven" alsp passed the Companion Dog Test (Begleithundeprüfung).
Talisman Rasputin "Rasputin" is Search and Rescue Dog!
German Ch. Talisman Delta Queen "Delta" passed the Companion Dog Test and the abilty test for Search and Rescue Dogs. She also has titles in Obedience.
Talisman Gossip Girl "Luna" passed the BH (Companion Dog Test) and started Mantrailing.
Talisman Starlight Xpress "Tayler" is pointed for the German Champion and won BOB.
Talisman Hole in One "Filou" trains to be a Search and Rescue Dog!
Ch.Talisman Queen of Hearts "Queenie", Bundesjugendsieger 2004, Winner of the Award of Merit 2005 passed the Begleithundeprüfung (Companion Dog Test) after just a few weeks of training at the age of 8 years.
German Champion (VDH and CASD) Talisman Handle with Care "Megan"
Polish Ch. Talisman Stand by Me "Sharon"
BOB Winner Talisman Quick Motion "Taavi" lives in Finnland.
Talisman Invisible Ink "Käthe" passed the Begleithundeprüfung (Companion Dog Test).
All Breed Best in Show Winner Talisman Keep a Secret "Mausi" lives in England.
German Ch. Talisman Einstein "Schweini" won BOB in Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Spain. He also passed the Companion Dog Test.
Talisman Xactly You "Raily" works as a Search and Rescue Dog.
Talisman No Comment "Fedde" loves Flyball! He lives in the Netherlands.
Talisman You Drive Me Crazy "Enya" participates successfully in the A2.
CASD Junior Ch., Danish and German (VDH) Champion Talisman One Night Stand "Asti" KTH-G, KTH-S, KTH-G, FP, LP1 lives in Denmark. At the age of 12 months, she has all CCs for the Danish Champion, one BOB, multiple BOS and BIS Junior wins. She is qualified for the Danish Mastership in Obedience and has the "Dog License" in Bronce, Silver and Gold.
CASD Junior Champion, German Champion (VDH), Danish Champion Talisman Overnight Delivery "Verdi" KTH-B, KTH-S, KTH-G, LP1, LP2 also lives in Denmark. She has several BOS and BOB Puppy wins and gained her first Obedience title LP1 at the age of 11 months! She has the Dog License in Bronce, Silver and Gold (KTH-B, S and G) and won her first Best of Breed at the age of 14 months. More BOS and BOB wins followed.
CASD and VDH Junior Champion, German Champion (VDH and CASD) Talisman Never Change A Winning Team "Bärbel" lives at Kennel Bowtruckels.
CASD and VDH Junior Champion, Bundesjugendsieger 2013, Europasieger 2014, German Champion (VDH)Crufts qualified Talisman One Hit Wonder "Findus" also passed the Begleithundeprüfung (German Canine Good Citizen test) and is doing Mantrailing.
Talisman Practice Makes Perfect "Skipper" loves to play Frisbee!