About us

Born as a Daughter of a very longtime, successfully Schnauzer Breeder, I knew I would start breeding pure bred dogs too.



Over 20 years Berger des Pyrenees where my companions, since 1997 we live with Australian Shepherds too.


Dogs out of our Kennel are successfully in Shows, Sports and are great beloved family members.

We do not want to breed pure working dogs. But the Aussies needs to work like every other breed too!!

It dosenĀ“t matter if they are trained as rescue dogs, or if they "only" should do Agility.


Since 2002 my husband, my three children and I live on a little Farm near 

Hannover and Bremen.

Now we finally have the space that we wanted so long. So with us there are Horses, Cats, Chickens, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs too.



Our Dogs live with us together in our house and our puppies are raised inside the house too. They got their own puppy-yhttp://www.talisman-aussies.de/typo3/clear.gifard directly at the puppy-room.

Our goal is to breed the "allround"-Aussie. Good for Sport, but good for the Family too :) 

 All dogs are examined on HD, tested on MDR1, HSF4 and have cleared eyes!!!